Convenient Land Mobile Radio package includes Remote SIte  Management Unit for medium sites  with SNMP plus I/O board, In-Line PSU, bidirectional RF Power Sensor, indoor temperature sensor, magnetic door contact and access-control key switch. No dial-up modem.

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Land Mobile Radio SNMP-Capable Monitoring & Remote Control Package 2, including: Expandable RTU, 1 RU  height, incl.: 8 metering, 16 status, 8 relays , 2 audio inputs,1 RS232 reach through port, 1 RS232 Hayes compatible port, 2 Ethernet ports, 1 USB Host port and 1 USB Device port. SNMP and  Modbus capable. No internal dialup modem.;DV-Mini I/O board (1 required per DV-Mini);In-Line 12 VDC Power Supply  (with Neutrik female XLR4 end connector) for DV products;Bidirectional RF Power Sensor 30 - 500 MHz, F-F, N-type connectors;Indoor Temperature Sensor. Metal chassis.;Surface Mount Door Contact;Access Control Key Switch with internal buzzer (tamper proof)

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